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Name EP Email EP Phone State Action
ADRENALINE DANCE adrenalinedance2020@gmail.com 0426004227 NSW   
AUSTRALIAN TEACHERS OF DANCING president@atod.net.au 0417621375 QLD   
BORDER DISTRICT EISTEDDFOD outoftheboxot@hotmail.com 0402234690 QLD   
BORN TO PERFORM BY COMDANCE VIC viccompetitions@comdance.org 0411674482 VIC   
BPAC bpacsponsorship@gmail.com 0418789836 QLD   
BRINDABELLA DANCE FESTIVAL alyson@azzopardiproperty.com.au 0433398247 ACT   
BUNDABERG FESTIVAL OF DANCE daniellestranieri@gmail.com 0401268389 QLD   
CAIRNS & DISTRICT JUNIOR EISTEDDFOD secretary@cairnseisteddfod.org 0418140460 QLD   
CENTRALIAN EISTEDDFOD centralianeisteddfodcouncil@gmail.com 0478623785 QLD   
CITY LIGHTS DANCE FESTIVAL gabrielle.tanks96@gmail.com 0450682476 NSW   
CITY OF DUBBO EISTEDDFOD contact@dubboeiesstdfod.org.au 0499055559 NSW   
COASTQUEST EVENT entries@coastquest.com.au 0481109327 NSW   
COFFS HARBOUR DISTRICT EISTEDDFOD dance@coffseisteddfod.org.au 0409442991 NSW   
DANCE ESCAPE janelle@kandvdancers.com 0411283924 NSW   
DANCE EXCHANGE COMPETITION dancexschools@gmail.com 0410032770 QLD   
DANCE EXPLOSION danceexplosion5678@gmail.com 0419994045 NSW   
DANCELIFE UNITE entries@dancelifeunite.com.au 0419436024 NSW   
DEMO eventshd@icloud.com 0402066595 QLD   
EBSDN admin@ebsdn.com 0423241774 NSW   
EMBELLISH DANCE embellishdancecomp@outlook.com 0423894125 NSW   
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